Lifehacker is one of the websites I regularly peruse.  Mostly, I read the headlines, but occasionally, there is an article that really grabs my interest.

Why You Need More Margin (And How to Get it)” is a great on the work-life balancing act.  We are all overworked, under-rested, and propelled from one activity to another with hardly time for a breath.  This article has some great tips on slowing down and putting more LIFE into your day.

My favorite tip – putting 15-minute buffers into everything!  In my world, I am constantly amazed that my Instant-Matter-Transportation-Device is not working, so I am frequently rushed to appointments and meetings, arriving just in the nick of time.  I would love to take the frenzy out of the “just-in-time” pattern that makes up a lot of my day.   I’m going to start by setting my calendar notifications 15 minutes earlier.

Take a breath – put more “Margin” into your day for a calmer, happier, you.

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