The Internet is a Challenging Information Landscape

Take a coffee break and watch this.  This is a terrific piece by Hank Green on how we need to be a lot more discerning about what we see on the internet.  Great summary at the end.

Best quote:  “I will run and fact-check something I disagree with, and not do that with stuff that aligns with my previous conception of the world.  That’s a bias we all have to live with.”

Post-High School Choices – College or Internship?

WSJ Article states, “More Students Turning Away from College and Toward Apprenticeship,” reflects a growing trend in the post-high school education market.  The “College for All” model of the past century has been eroding for the past few decades as crushing student debt, lack of employment (or employ-ability), and unmarketable degrees have created a host of “BA Baristas” (as on commenter noted).

Our K12 schools are also starting to lean to that trend and provide more trade and trade school preparation as part of the curriculum offerings, and connections with local community colleges for dual-credit programs leading to certification upon graduation from High School.

Today’s High School students must be given an opporunitthe enormous range of choices outside of a university setting.