Political Prejudice by Geography

This is worth a look. I was astonished to learn that my home county is on the far “less prejudiced” end of the spectrum, versus my state capitol city of Indianapolis (Marion County), which is on the far “more prejudiced” end of the spectrum.

It is also worth noting that – at least in my home state – the political intolerance is highly prevalent in the counties that I would tend to label as “very liberal.”

Click link for interactive map: Political Prejudice by County

Purdue at 150

Hail, Hail to Old Purdue – All Hail to the old Gold and Black! Purdue is celebrating 150 years of educating young minds and creating innovations in STEM programs.

As a graduate of Purdue, and living in an agriculture community in the county next door to Purdue, I’ve watched and been amazed by the great things this Land Grant University does.

Fast Fact:  23 astronauts graduated from Purdue.  How cool is that?

Check out their celebration page:  TakeGiantLeaps