IRS Audit Rates

Just in time for Halloween:  Few things spook my clients more than an audit.  This just in from the IRS website:  The rates of audits based upon income levels.

** Returns that show no total positive income report zero or negative income. The negative income could be negative business income and/or capital losses. Returns with no TPI are filed by taxpayers in any of the income categories, and there is no prevalence of one over the other. These returns account for less than 0.5% of the individual filing population.

From IRS:  IRS Audit Rates Significantly Increase as Income Rises


Carbon Neutral Protein Production

Contrary to pop-culture belief, the Agriculture industry is constantly looking for ways to improve – to use fewer resources, to produce a better product (grain, animals, etc.), and to be more efficient.

Ag Web has a terrific article about how farmers are using different ways to move toward carbon-neutral production; in this article, specifically livestock (pig, chicken, cow).  The pork industry is looking toward a carbon-neutral pig by 2035 and the cattle industry is looking at 2050.

The Carbon-Neutral Pig and Chicken: The Pivotal Moment is Now

See also (long read):

Digital Technologies are Enabling a Carbon Neutral Pork Industry

Pork production in the US contributes more than $23B to the economy, about 25% of which is exported and accounts for less than 1/2 of 1%  of greenhouse gas emissions. Yet the pork industry continues to seek ways to improve efficiencies and reduce production resource needs.

25 Definitive Tech Moments in 25 Years

From Fast Company – landmark events that shaped our online culture, access, and habits (click link below to the full article):

25 moments in tech that defined the past 25 years

It’s interesting to scroll down the list and see the progression of technology and how it invaded our lives and consciousness.  Those of us who are (ahem) a bit older might recall living through these achievements.

NOTE the video below – in 1996, AT&T offered 5 hours of FREE internet every month.

Indiana Right to Farm Act STANDS – US Supreme Court and Himsel

On Monday, October 5, 2020, the US Supreme Court denied the petition for Certiorari in the Himsel v. Himsel case.  This decision is an affirmation of the constitutionality of the Indiana Right to Farm Act.

The decision of the US Supreme Court to let the Indiana Court of Appeals decision stand is an important benchmark in Indiana agriculture.  The ability of farmers to use the best and most contemporary farming practices, as well as make use of economies of scale in production both for profitability and the maximum care of the agriculture product is critical to both keep Indiana competitive in the global marketplace and for farmers to continue to operate and earn a liveable income from the important industry of agriculture.

Agriculture has changed more in the past one hundred years than it had throughout the previous millenium. Those who challenge modern farming practices fail to understand the critical role modern agricluture plays in our ability to feed ourselves and the world.  They also fail to understand the most basic tenant of farming – to take the best care of your livestock and crops as both a moral imperitive and as a path to profitability.

Carroll County Hog Barns

Farmers work hard, care deeply for livestock and crops, and strive to produce the best.

From National Hog Farmer:  U.S. Supreme Court upholds Indiana’s Right to Farm Act


Maple Leaf Farms – Indiana Duck Production

Indiana ranks #1 in the nation for duck production, largely due to Maple Leaf Farms in Leesburg, Indiana.  I had the opportunity to visit Maple Leaf Farms a few years ago as part of the Indiana Bar Association Agriculture Section Annual Meeting held at their conference center.  Our hosts were terrific people, the farm we visited was very interesting, and the duck was tasty.

For more information about duck production, check out this new article from Agri News:  Best Duck Isn’t Luck:  Journey from Farm to Table.

Extreme DIY

Fascinating.  For some of these, maybe do not try this at home…but it would very cool to try.

19th Amendment and the Iconic Sash

Yes, I’m a month late to the 19th Amendment Century Celebration.  Sometimes we who are empowered, emboldened, and emancipated women are also busy women.   Meanwhile, I consumed content regarding the 100th Anniversary of the ratification of Women’s Right to Vote, including print articles and podcasts, and I learned a few things.

For a good overview of the Women’s Suffrage movement, check out “The Surprising Path to  Women’s Suffrage with Ellen Carol DuBois” one of the “Factually” podcasts published by Adam Conover.  Be patient with the content – Adam tends to dominate the conversation, and Ellen Carol DuBois is a little hesitant as a speaker, but the content is solid and very informative.  An important thing I learned:  The proper term is “Suffragists,” not “suffragettes,” which was a term used to belittle and demean the suffragist movement.

Suffragists in the UK in 1908

Also, check out the New York Time’s Opinion piece by Dr. , “The Single Strip of Fabric That Went From ‘Votes for Women’ to ‘Miss America’.”  This is an interesting example about how everything involving women eventually turns on a sexuality dime.  In this case, it took less than a year for the sash to go from a symbol of the suffragists to a symbol for a titillating show to keep people on vacation at a beach resort for an extra week.

Atlantic City 1921 – one year after the ratification of the 19th Amendment. Those are bathing suits, in case you were wondering where the “tittilating” part comes in.