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I don’t necessarily agree with the list or the ranking, but I cannot argue that it’s a very broad-reaching list and very much worth exploring.

PG rating for language (comes from Gizmodo, and they like the salty stuff).

Technology Ranked – From Gizmodo Paleofuture


History of Frame Rate for Film

This is an interesting and (mostly) easy-to-understand explanation of the technical history of filmmaking through frame rate. Why is this important? Other than being interesting, there is a new unit if time launched by Facebook, called the “‘Flick” which will make it easier to align and standardize video and sound for smoother effect.  Interesting how many different frame rates evolved along with the evolution of video.

This gets a little hairy (it is a technical narration, after all) and runs about 15 minutes, but it is worth the watch:

More information about the Flick:

Twitter: FB Launces Flicks

Technical Definition at Oculus:  Flick-Frame-Tick