Fair Oaks Robotic Milking

I’ve visited Fair Oaks several times, and as an Ag attorney, I closely follow the innovations and advancements that come out of that business.

Fair Oaks is also a leader in the ag education space.  They strive to make agriculture production – particularly production on a large scale – accessible and understandable by everyone.  If you have a chance to visit (about an hour south of Chicago), I highly recommend the experience.

While Fair Oaks currently uses an automated milking system, it is not “robotic.” This article discusses a new application of robotics for milking.

Note the photos of the cows’ living area – clean, well-lit, open stalls.  This is consistent with the mission of the owners to be transparent to show how the animals are treated, and that all animals are treated well and humanely.  Happy cows produce more milk.

Ag Web:  Robotic Milking Experience to Open at Fair Oaks Farm

Top 3 Myths About Ag Pesticides in Food

This is a MUST READ – there are many myths, misconceptions, and mistakes in popular understanding of chemicals in our food supply.  Much of what you hear or read is fear-mongering, and over-uses incorrect terms to create the targeted response.

This article clarifies terms (most important phrase:  “the dose makes the poison”) and debunks popular misconceptions.

Top 3 Myths About Pesticides in Your Food, from Ag Daily


Farm Work and Dedication

Please read this terrific Washington Post column by Purdue President (and former Indiana Governor) Mitch Daniels.  

In Farm Children, I See Virtues That One Sees Too Rarely, These Days.

I don’t claim that people (and young people) who live in urban environments are devoid of hard work and virtue, but – speaking from personal experience – the characteristics described in the article seem to be more highly concentrated in rural communities.

My son was 20 at the time this picture was taken, and an experienced farmer

IRS Extends Farmer Deadline

With HOURS to spare, the IRS posted that penalties for non-payment of estimated tax will NOT be assessed on farmers who wait until April 15 to file and pay taxes.

Normally, farmers (due to their variable and unpredictable income) do not have to pay estimated taxes (as self-employed individuals) if they file and pay all taxes due by MARCH 1.

LINK: IRS waives estimated tax penalty for farmers, fishermen who file returns and pay tax by April 15

Rest easy, friends. There is still time.

*Note: This might not apply to your STATE tax return