Man Woman WatercoolerIntriguing article from Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant in the New York Times, “Women at Work” section, highlighting the differences between women and men in the office workplace.  Even when roles are equal – or when a woman is in a superior role – women either self-appoint or are appointed the “office housework” tasks more frequently than men.

The most obvious tasks are getting coffee, making copies, and such.  However, there are also the tasks of taking meeting notes, mentoring new hires, and planning office events, which seem to be assigned to women more frequently than to men.

The article not only points out how both men and women can fall into this rut, but also how to work out of the roles to provide more effective leadership and more productive results.

Where do YOU fall in this mix, and are you stuck there?

Madam CEO, Get Me a Coffee.


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