I think I’ve mentioned that I follow several blogs and websites that are both interesting and useful ways to avoid working. Some of those I follow include:

FutureLawyer — Tech in the legal field.  The author tests and recommends products for the techo-lawyer working from home or the courtroom.

TechDirt — Focused on real-life and ridiculous applications of the copyright law.  A little “over the top” for my taste, sometimes, but usually a good read.

Masson’s Blog — A north-central Indiana attorney writes about things Indiana and things legal.  Great posts, and thoughtful discussion in the comments.

Library of Economics and Liberty — This is a heavy website, and I admit that my usual attention span doesn’t permit me to spend a lot of time here, but it has a wonderful collection of historic essays.

Center for Consumer Freedom — This is a Consumer “watchdog” site that blows the misinformation and twisted rhetoric off today’s naysayers – PETA, HSUS, Green Peace, and many more vocal (and violent), and encourages citizens to THINK for themselves.

Humane Watch — A spin-off or sister site to CFCF (above), this site focuses on the gross mis-information circulated by the Humane Society of the United States (which has absolutely no affiliation with your local animal shelter).  Check out their Times Square 5 billboard spread.

There are more that are educational procrastination sites, but I should get back to work.  I’ll save them for another time.

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