Welcome to my website and blog. Check out the resources available for nonprofits and agriculture.  Go ahead – I’ll wait.  Done?  Good – let’s chat.

LawLatte has two purposes – one is to provide a resource for basic information about nonprofit and agriculture law.   The second purpose is to provide updated or developing information in both those fields (pun intended).

Speaking of which, two items of interest have been popping up in blog-sphere.  One concerns “ghost blogging” – where someone else writes your blog posts.  Don’t worry – I solemnly promise that all blog posts contained herein are written personally by yours truly, Miriam.   Catch a very nice post by social media commentator Dave Fleet at his blog, below:

Why Ghost Blogging is Wrong

Item two of interest concerns a recent  “hot topic” in the nonprofit world about whether nonprofits should use social networking tools such as Flickr or Twitter to keep in touch with the public. My personal take on the matter two-fold  (1) nonprofits should leverage the media that speaks to their primary audience.   However, since only a small fraction of the US population regularly use Twitter and other social media tools,  it should not be a nonprofit’s sole means of communication, and (2) you should only use communication tools that you are familiar and comfortable with, and which provide a meaningful reach to your audience.   Check out a “Give and Take” thread from the Chronicle of Philanthropy:

Is It Time for Charities To Use Twitter?

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