Small nonprofits have until Friday, October 15, to submit their online 990N. This end of the six-month extension from the (normal) May 15 deadline.

This same one-time extension is available to 990 EZ nonprofit taxpayers earning more than $25,000, but still qualifying for a “small nonprofit” classification.

Nonprofits who have not kept up with filing requirements WILL (not “might” or “may”) lose their tax exempt status.

Is your nonprofit in danger? Check out this link to the IRS website – nonprofits in danger of losing status are organized by state of origin:
List of Organizations at Risk for Losing Tax Exempt Status

If your Nonprofit is on the list, follow the instructions on the IRS website to file your on-line 990N. You will need your organizations tax ID number, the legal name and address of the organization, and the name of a contact person. You also need to check the box to affirm that your organization earned less than $25,000 in gross receipts.

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