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Durham: The factory farming fallacy

It is exhausting to continually defend modern farming practices to the assumption-making, fear-brokering anti-farming coalition.  It is chilling to think that the uninformed consumers swallow what is being shoveled to them by the anti-farming fear-mongers.

Generally speaking (since we get a lot of sweeping generalizations about “factory farming”), farmers are good stewards of resources, protectors of the environment (where they live, work, and play), good neighbors, and good business people.

Think of this:  Why would anyone put in long hours, endure difficult and physically-demanding working conditions, navigate complex regulatory compliance requirements, to reap marginal and market-sensitive profits and then be careless with the animals and environment upon which one is dependent for that marginal and market-sensitive profit?

Put more simply, the farming gig is too hard and risky to be carelessness in any component part.  Farmers love what they do, they love the animals and crops they raise, and they love the environment in which they work.  You take care of what you love.  It is that simple.

September dawn on the farm

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