I admit it – I’m a bit of a tech junkie. My HP iPAQ (handheld device) and my digital camera and cell phone go with me everywhere. I enjoy the portability and ease of reading that my Kindle has brought me, and I recently purchased an HP Mini (netbook computer) to take to conferences and (hopefully) replace the big-bulky binders of paper which we refer to as the “conference manuals.”

My main frustration is a way to haul all this gear around in a compact, yet roomy, bag, that also includes “purse stuff” (some of which is the aforementioned iPAQ, camera and phone – maybe Kindle (depending on the conference))

After a fruitless search, online and in stores, I decided to make my own. Here are a few pictures.  The fabric is a nice two-sided black denim – silver on the reverse, which worked out as a handy design feature.

Netbook Case Front

Yes,  Kindle, netbook and reading glasses, plus all the normal purse gear fit in their own little compartments.  Not too heavy, sturdy enough for travel, and zipper closure.  Dimensions are approximately 15″ x 15″ x 3″

Notebook Case Interior

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