If you serve on a nonprofit board, or are paid staff of a nonprofit, you must read Blue Avocado. It is the most helpful, conversational, timely, and thoughtful newsletter on nonprofit issues from folks that work “in the trenches” of nonprofits. The articles are, simply, excellent.

The article linked below discusses the pros and cons about whether the tax deduction for charitable donations should be abolished. This cites yet another article which advocates for removal of the tax deduction.

In this case, the article is not that memorable – I have read numerous posts about whether to abolish the charitable tax deduction, and most of them miss a number of key points in the rush prove their position on the matter. The Kim Klein article cited in this post is no different.

What is remarkable, and what I encourage you to read, are the extremely thoughtful and thought-provoking comments to this article that are far more intelligent and “deep-thinking” than the Kim Klein article.

I think we all can agree that our tax system is cumbersome, inefficient, ineffective and unfair. The real argument comes from the difference in opinion on what is “effective” and what is “fair.” The comments to this article share a different perspective that is worth the look.

Link to article: Tax the Rich More? or Less? Blue Avocado.

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