There is a lot of web space devoted to social networking. Not wanting to miss the bandwagon, professionals use social networking sites, too. I just signed up for legallyminded, a beta networking site for attorneys. (It was sort-of by accident; I was checking out the site and got carried away. Before I knew it, I had an account. Now what?). I have a LinkedIn account, which I rarely visit. As they say, “my bad.” I blame no one but myself for both having these accounts and not making full use of them. I’ve been told that this is a great way to network with both like-minded professionals and potential clients. I just can’t quite make that leap.

I’m not a huge fan of social networking. I can’t help but think that there are other things I should be doing with my time. I have a Facebook page – I signed up so I could keep track of my kids.  I rarely add content.   I’m not saying this a bad thing; I simply may not be as “social” as the average Jane.

Social networking for professionals: Does it work? Is it worth it? Just like anything – it depends upon what YOU put into it, and what you expect OUT of it.

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  1. AaronH

    In my professional life, Linkedin has been reasonably successful. While it has not lead to new job opportunities for me personally, I do find it useful for making additional connections in the ‘second-tier’ range.

    Might you let us know what your opinion of legallyminded is after you have used it for a little while?

  2. AaronH

    …Forgive my spelling, *led.

  3. Miriam

    That’s my impression on Linkedin, (and other social networking sites for professionals) as well – it can be useful for additional connections or professional development within my area of interest or expertise, but not a place to find new clients or job opportunities.

    I’ll give legallyminded a try and let you know what my “take” on that sight might be, as an industry-specific professional site, rather than a general professional networking site.

  4. Brenda H

    I think you have to have to be a “networking” person. I’m afraid I’m not. For some odd reason I *do* have a Linked-In account and I find myself irritated every time someone wants to link to me (yes, I’m laughing at myself). I can see where an industry-based one might prove useful.


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