An interesting article by Greg Sterling from Marketing Land about use of mobile devices versus use of PC for accessing information on the Internet.

His report, “Nearly 40 Percent of Internet Time Now on Mobile Devices” shows graphically how folks access the internet for various basic services.

Now, this is ultimately a piece on using the internet for marketing and targeting your audience, but the information is quite telling.  Most people don’t spend all their time on a desktop computer (except for me, anyway), but everyone has a mobile device (cell phone or tablet).  Formatting and pushing your information to the user via an easy-to-use mobile format is the best way to get your story (0r product) “out there.”

(click image below for larger and clearer view)

One bit I extrapolated from this piece is the importance of affordable unlimited data plans.  If the majority of folks get their information through their mobile device, and advertisers want to reach the largest number of people, the best bet is to keep people using the mobile devices – which can only be accomplished by promoting unlimited data plans (infrastructure to support this proposition is another conversation).  Alternatively, more wide-spread and reliable wireless access will also be important, but (1) is currently less available except in large cities and (2) is not at all available in rural areas.

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