I live in a small community – our county population is less than 20K.  Despite our slight numbers, the community is an enjoyable place to live, with some lovely jewels that are not so “hidden.”  One recent visitor posted a nice review of the Wabash and Erie Canal trails.

Link to the post:  One Trail-Blazing Small Town

Link to the Carroll County Wabash & Erie Canal Center for more information:  Wabash & Erie Canal

There’s a lot more to the Canal Center than the trails – all of which is top-notch.  Check out the Canal Interpretive Center, the Outdoor  Pioneer Village, take a ride on the Canal Boat, walk the trails or rent a bike to ride the 10+ miles of trails.

What’s great about this center is that it has been built, and it is maintained, solely through volunteer efforts.  The local dedication is a great example to other nonprofits in the area, and has won state and national honors for the site and the volunteers.

Thanks to the blogger for the nice post – which provides a great lead-in for me to urge you to check it out!

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