Follow up to an earlier post — One of my clients just received one of the first “File or be Revoked” letters from the IRS.  I’ve attached a copy, you can see what it looks like.

05-24-10 IRS 990 Notice

Note that for this particular nonprofit, the year end in question was September, 2008, so they are technically 20 months delinquent in filing the 990N (as opposed to anyone that missed the recent May 17 deadline).  While this should give small nonprofit some relief, don’t expect a long cycle before your number comes up.

Also note that the IRS is giving nonprofits “one last chance” to comply with the filing requirements – presumably, your nonprofit won’t receive a “you are revoked” letter without prior notice.  Check out this information from the IRS website about what the IRS will do to help small nonprofits maintain their status:

Statement from IRS Commissioner

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