Check out The Greatest blog for the low down on how to break down that killer to-do list that is getting you down.    Below are the basics – check out the article for the details.  Take it from someone who practices regular “killer to-do list management” and who sometimes writes things on a list just to be able to cross it off immediately  —

  • Pick a medium
  • Make multiples
  • Keep it simple
  • Meet the MITs (Most Important Tasks)
  • Start easy
  • Break it down
  • Stay specific
  • Include it all
  • Time it
  • Don’t stress
  • Make it public (lawlatte note – this won’t work for me – except for chores for the kids)
  • Schedule scheduling (lawlatte note – a little over the top, perhaps, but I have been known to do this)
  • Go in with the old
  • Start fresh
  • Be flexible

I would add two more:

  • Get at least one thing done every day –  to avoid being demoralized by the scope of your list, and
  • Review often – to be sure you (1) have included everything and (2) aren’t missing an opportunity to check something off the list!

Read the full article here:  How to get [stuff] done with a killer to-do list

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