Native Hoosier and Carroll County farmer  Ben Dillon seeks to revolutionize the harvesting process with his Tribine machine.

His new machine was unveiled at the Farm Progress Show, and folks were able to see the ground-breaking machine in action.

This harvester is designed to allow farmers to harvest and load without additional personnel or equipment in the field.  The back part of the machine operates like a grain cart and dramatically increases the payload for the machine.

In today’s era of larger fields and higher yields, the ability to cross the length of a field without diverting to unload the grain – or without using a follow-behind tractor and grain cart – is a tremendous time and resource-saver.

Check out the new machine and view the Farm Industry News slideshow:

Tribine Debuts at Farm Progress Show

 Also, see some great photos and a video of the machine on the Tribine website.

Ben is a contemporary of my Dad, and I’ve known him all my life.  He has long been considered one of our local progressive farmers, and it’s terrific to see his long-time dream reach production.

Congratulations, Ben!

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