Genetically Modified Organism, also known as GMO, is a farming practice frequently vilified in the popular press as being harmful for human or animal consumption.

While there may be legal and scientific issues surrounding the use of GMO crops, the stark reality is that the world cannot feed itself using farming methods from the 1940s. Even with today’s advanced equipment, crop yield is not sufficient to feed the world without the aggressive intervention of weed and pest control methods.

The Ag industry has a way to go to perfect (if such a thing is possible) methods to completely feed the world with a completely neutral environmental footprint. Use of genetic modifications is only one of the tools that farmers use to improve crop yield and control the quality and uniformity of crops for world-wide food production.

There is a new website that has helpful and easy-to-understand information about GMO crops.  For more information about the health and safety of GMO crops and how the GMO industry affects the world, please check it out:  GMO Answers

Meanwhile, below is a graphic which shows where GMO crops are grown, and where they are imported.  Click on the image for a larger view.

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