I follow several Ag news sites and blogs.  Two of my current favorites:

Humane Watch

Indiana Prairie Farmer

I also have clients, colleagues and friends who keep me well-supplied with links to websites and articles of interest. Frequently, these are hyper-negative reports and rants about livestock farming operations that compel me to walk away from the computer for a few minutes, lest I smash it in frustration at the inaccurate, fear-mongering, hate speech against farming in general and livestock production in particular.

Today, someone sent me a link to an amazingly balanced article about a vegan’s visit to a large Colorado feedlot. The author (the vegan) not only included a thorough narrative (plus pictures), but did the research to back up his statements. Now, remember, this guy is a vegan, but he presented a very impartial report about his experiences on the farm, and dispelled many of the wrong rumors about livestock farming. I’m pleased to recommend this link to you:

Cattle Feedlot: Behind the Scenes

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