This is me, not working. I can find all kinds of meaningful things to do while avoiding “real” work (that is, billable projects that are all sad and forlorn on my desk, and should be completed, “any day now.”).

I can pay bills, read and answer email, catch up on on-line law journals, read on-line news (hmm…. there’s an electronic trend, here), ANYTHING except what I really need to be doing.

Why is that? There is a great article posted on the blog “You Are Not So Smart – A Celebration of Self Delusion.” So, I spent time reading and re-reading this article, thus successfully avoiding work for a few more minutes.

Please permit me to pass along the work de-motivator to you:
Procrastination – You Are Not So Smart

You can come back here when you’re done and spend time reading more of my blog posts.  We have all day, right?

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