Indiana switched to DST when Mitch came to the Governor’s mansion (Thanks a heap, Mitch).   As a naturally early riser, I have always deeply resented the fact that DST took an hour away from my spring and summer mornings (actually more than an hour, and I will be happy to tell you why, if you really want to know how it shakes out).  The farmers were blamed for the fact that Indiana wasn’t on DST, and were ridiculed as being the sole reason for keeping it.  Further, the logic for changing to DST was always “because people will consider us hicks if we don’t” (Hello?  Computers anyone? and Arizona and Hawaii?)

Now, we have proof.  Not only does DST NOT save us money, it actually makes life a whole lot more complicated than it already is.

PS – CGPGrey has great videos – early in my blog I included their video about coffee.  Quick, easy to understand and explains concepts very well.

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