We all like it when someone writes what we are thinking.  An added bonus is when they link to the data to back up their pointed prose.  Generally, I harbor a deep suspicion of companies that develop their market based upon “sustainability,” “GMO-Free,” “all-organic,” and the like.  Usually, those are marketing “magic words” to capture the attention of the so-called intelligent masses but is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to sustain honorably.

I’ve tried Blue Apron.  It was a very nice birthday gift from my children, and I enjoyed the experience.  However, I will not go back to Blue Apron for all the reasons stated in the article (link below) by Chris Newman.  It’s a novelty, not a way of life, and not for people who want to actually live a thoughtful and sustainable lifestyle.

But back to her point:  Blue Apron does not help farmers; it captures them and contracts them to a set return and (maybe) profit, where the farmers (as usual) take all the risk, and Blue Apron determines the price.

What’s Wrong with Blue Apron? – via Medium


Check out other articles by Chris Newman.  While I don’t necessarily agree with everything she says, she is thoughtful and thorough and has a different point of view worth exploring.

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