How has the Internet evolved over the past 15 years?  How about since 1975 (slide 7)?  Mary Meeker is renowned as a data analyst, and presents a yearly report on internet trends.  Some observations:

  • More internet usage outside of the US than within.
  • Growth is in mobile technology.  TV and Desktop usage is static.
  • 51% of time spent on the Internet is via a mobile device – up from 12% in 2008.
  • Contrast with 42% of time spent today on the internet is via a computer (desktop or laptop), compared with 80% in 2008 – yet, the total number of computer users has remained somewhat stable (no significant growth).

There are 197 slides, but it’s worth perusing to see how the internet has evolved over the past 15 years, and where today’s major influences lie.

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