Properly written documents can be compelling.  The same document, badly-written, can be dismissed, and the important message lost.

One of my pet peeves is a meme with a message full of grammar errors.  Even worse is a YouTube video rife with misspellings.  Below is a unfortunate production of an otherwise touching Memorial Day video, set to music of a popular Christian band.  The very first image we see contains four misspellings.Grammar Polic

Memorial Day – Casting Crowns Video

Not only is the message lost, but it is an extreme disservice to the Christian rock group, Casting Crowns, to have their music devalued by childish mistakes.

The LinkedIn article (“linked” below) by Travis Bradburry is a quick tutorial on the proper application of 20 commonly misused words.  I see examples of each of these frequently.  I won’t claim to have never misused them, myself, but I try to proofread carefully to avoid contributing to the global mangling of the English language.

Misused Words Make Smart People Look Dumb

Let’s be careful out there.

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