12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech

From Medium.com, a website that fields articles about “the smartest takes on topics that matter,” and a website I’m newly exploring.

I work intensively with computer tech for 10 hours a day or more, in addition to interactions with humans in the legal and tax arenas.  I have found that many people are hesitant to learn about the tech that governs (and I do mean “governs”) their lives while, at the same time, they want the latest and greatest device (most features of which they do not understand or use).

This is an interesting article (aka “take”) on the issue of understanding technology.  Most of the 12 items listed I either expected or did not bring a surprise.  There were a few items that made me go, “hmmm,” particularly —

4.  Tech history is poorly documented and poorly understood.  That seems like an interesting gap in the evolution of technology, as well as a (possibly) missed opportunity for greater technology and human understanding.

5.  Most tech education doesn’t include ethical training.  Worthy of note, but isn’t this a failing of many industries? (And, also, a gap that needs to be addressed)

6.  Tech is often built with surprising ignorance about its users.  Well, yeah, and why is that?

Interesting and useful read (Note to author:  Where is #11 in the otherwise intriguing article?  Is that a “tech” oversight?).


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