I have always thought of myself as easily distracted – so much so, that I actually have implemented procedures into my life (particularly my work life) to help maintain (or, at least resume) focus.  I am very aware of how technology (particularly portable devices) can pull my attention down a rabbit hole of lost time and productivity.

Check out the article by Johann Hari:  Your Attention Didn’t Collapse – It was Stolen

This article from the Guardian dives into our society and increasing lack of focus.  I certainly agree with his observations – everywhere I look, I see people immersed in their phones and disengaged from their environment.  That’s not the sole problem, but it is certainly a compelling symptom.

On the flip side, I’m currently reading Extreme Productivity, by Robert C. Pozen.  Perhaps I can find some more clues about focus to help me recapture and control my own attention span.


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