The Most Expensive Watch in the World

This is for you, FutureLawyer – The ultimate watch for the discerning analog aficionado.

Even for a person who has not worn a watch for more than 25 years (long story), this is a fascinating piece of art and clockwork.


Tax Code Roadmap

Thanks to Kelly Phillips Erb @ TaxGirl for this one.  She has an article in Forbes on the story behind the Roadmap:  Taxpayer Advocate:  You Literally Need a Roadmap to Navigate Our Tax System (So They Made One).

Note that this is not a roadmap to how to prepare your taxes (except for the upper left corner, where it lists various methods for having a return prepared)  – It’s a roadmap that follows your tax return through the process once it gets to the IRS.


Download a PDF of the map:


Check out an overview video from the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service:

If you don’t follow Kelly, you should – she has terrific tax tips and a sometimes hilareous twitter feed.

Top 3 Myths About Ag Pesticides in Food

This is a MUST READ – there are many myths, misconceptions, and mistakes in popular understanding of chemicals in our food supply.  Much of what you hear or read is fear-mongering, and over-uses incorrect terms to create the targeted response.

This article clarifies terms (most important phrase:  “the dose makes the poison”) and debunks popular misconceptions.

Top 3 Myths About Pesticides in Your Food, from Ag Daily


And now for something completely different…

The great Christopher Walken excerpts from 50-ish of his movies dancing.

This is not new, but it crossed my desk today, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it again.  Hope you do, too.  Mr. Walken has great moves.

But the best one of all is Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice: