A big shout-out to my favorite digital goddess, Kim Komando In one of her daily news-mails, she put together a nifty comparison of the different tablets that are on the market.  These days, a tablet is nearly as necessary as a computer for reading and portability.  I love my Kindle Fire, though I might have break down and join the Apple world with an IPad, so I can read and comment on PDF documents on an extra 2.7″ screen real estate.  Here is her chart – a handy reference for anyone trying to decide between devices (click image to view full chart):

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  1. Miriam

    The Spouse suggested I try a file-sharing service to make my digital journals available to the Kindle. I have DropBox, but it didn’t seem compatible with the Kindle Fire, so I signed up for SugarSync – 5 GB free storage, syncs across multiple devices. So far, it shows possibilities for the Kindle as a journal reading device. I use PortaPDF Pro to view PDF documents, and it seems to smoothly change pages and enlarge as needed.


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