25 Definitive Tech Moments in 25 Years

From Fast Company – landmark events that shaped our online culture, access, and habits (click link below to the full article):

25 moments in tech that defined the past 25 years

It’s interesting to scroll down the list and see the progression of technology and how it invaded our lives and consciousness.  Those of us who are (ahem) a bit older might recall living through these achievements.

NOTE the video below – in 1996, AT&T offered 5 hours of FREE internet every month.

A Brief History of Chess

I am a terrible chess player, but I enjoy playing and watching the game (my downfall is that I have too many family members who play much better – and more aggressively – than I).

Very interesting history:

US v Dowden, or “The Case of the Pointless Buck”

Both lawyers and non-lawyers should read this 1956 US District Court Court case, US v. Dowden, 139 F.Supp 781 (1956).

The opinion written by Judge Dawkins, Jr., who wrote with considerable wit and intelligence on a matter which he clearly believed should have never reached his bench.  I won’t spoil the plot; it’s a very short read, and you will figure out the story within the first two paragraphs.

American Soybean Association – Started 100 Years Ago in Carroll County, Indiana

The American Soybean Association got its start 100 years ago just outside of Camden, Indiana, in Carroll County on September 3, 2020.  Soybean production went from 112, 926 acres in 1919 to 76.1 million acres in 2019, making soybeans the second-largest US crop.

Like most farmers in Carroll County, our farm includes soybeans in rotation each year.  Carroll County ranks 23rd in the State for total number of soybean acres (2017 data), and Indiana ranks 5th in the nation for soybean production.

The first ASA president was Taylor Fouts.  Descendants of the original Fouts family live in the area and continue to farm.

Then – brothers Taylor, Noah, and Finis Fouts

NOW:  American Soybean Association Website