The Science of Cardboard

The most recyclable and recycled packaging product.  The past two years saw a jump in demand for cardboard boxes (due to COVID).  The video below is an interesting history of the development of this product (16 minutes and a bit technical, but very interesting).


Wabash & Erie Canal – A Chat with a Treasure of Delphi

Conversation with a Treasure of Delphi, Dan McCain.  I had the chance to catch up with him, recently, and we discussed Delphi history and the Wabash & Erie Canal history, which has been a life-long passion for him.  He is only two generations removed from the Wabash & Erie Canal heyday, and was born and currently lives in his family home very near the restored section of the Canal.  The importance of the Canal to the economic development of Delphi and Carroll County cannot be over-emphasized.

Please enjoy this 16-minute video about this important era in Carroll County and Delphi History.


Society and the Loss of Focus

I have always thought of myself as easily distracted – so much so, that I actually have implemented procedures into my life (particularly my work life) to help maintain (or, at least resume) focus.  I am very aware of how technology (particularly portable devices) can pull my attention down a rabbit hole of lost time and productivity.

Check out the article by Johann Hari:  Your Attention Didn’t Collapse – It was Stolen

This article from the Guardian dives into our society and increasing lack of focus.  I certainly agree with his observations – everywhere I look, I see people immersed in their phones and disengaged from their environment.  That’s not the sole problem, but it is certainly a compelling symptom.

On the flip side, I’m currently reading Extreme Productivity, by Robert C. Pozen.  Perhaps I can find some more clues about focus to help me recapture and control my own attention span.