Stages of Autonomous Driving


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The agriculture industry has integrated Level 4 for field use (known use area).  Self-driving tractors and combines automatically steer, adjust speed, and perform a number of other automatic functions so that the operator can focus on other things (like planting or combining depth, application rate, and monitors).

10 Common Misconceptions about the Constitution

Constitution 2
Thanks to Robert McWhirter for this post over at the ABA Journal.  Click the link to the article to read more information about the US Constitution.

10 Common Misconceptions about the Constitution

  1.  Most voters today would not have had the right to vote under the original Constitution.
  2. Many of the rights we take for granted were not granted by the original text of the Constitution.
  3. The word “God” never appears in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.
  4. The word “democracy” never appears in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.
  5. The Bill of Rights was never an actual “bill” in Congress.
  6. Most of the Framers [of the Constitution] believed a Bill of Rights unnecessary.
  7. The Bill of Rights was not, originally, 10 amendments.
  8. the First Amendment was not originally first.
  9. Several states did not immediately approve the Bill of Rights.
  10. The Constitution begins and ends with the People.

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Indiana Grown

IN GROWN_BLANK_1.5x3" wideIndiana Grown is a membership initiative to recognize all the great things “grown in Indiana.”

Requirements for membership are to offer products that fall into one of these categories:

  1. 100% Indiana – Products within this category must be grown in Indiana and/or all ingredients must come from Indiana.
  2. Prepared in Indiana – Product ingredients can be sourced from anywhere, but 100 percent of the production must be done in Indiana.
  3. Partner – To be an Indiana Grown partner, a company or institution must assist in marketing Indiana grown products and members.
  4. Indiana Grown – This category applies to all other Indiana Grown members.

Find more information at the website:  Indiana Grown

I like quick statistics – here’s what Indiana AgriNews collected about Indiana agriculture:

Top 5 National Rankings

Top 5 Commodities

By Value of Sale

 #1 – Duck, Wooden Office Furniture
and Kitchen Cabinets and Processed Tomatoes
 Corn – $4 B
#2 – Popcorn, Ice Cream, SpearmintSoybeans – $2.9  B
#3 – ChickensPork – $1.2 B
#4 – Eggs, Soybeans, Peppermint and CantaloupesPoultry/Eggs – $1.1 B
#5 – Corn, PigsDairy – $660 M

Check out more information, and learn about the Indiana Grown program at:  Indiana Agri-News Take a Bite Out of Indiana.