Peanuts – “Love Shack”

Who can resist the Peanuts gang singing “Love Shack” by the B-52s?

Happy Monday.

(PS – Kudos to Garren Lazer, who does a remarkable job matching the animation with the music vocals)

US v Dowden, or “The Case of the Pointless Buck”

Both lawyers and non-lawyers should read this 1956 US District Court Court case, US v. Dowden, 139 F.Supp 781 (1956).

The opinion written by Judge Dawkins, Jr., who wrote with considerable wit and intelligence on a matter which he clearly believed should have never reached his bench.  I won’t spoil the plot; it’s a very short read, and you will figure out the story within the first two paragraphs.

The History of Coffee

Because Lawlatte.  History of coffee from the very beginning.  What it is and how it shaped society and the high human and environmental cost.

Did you know that the UK was a coffee nation before it was a tea nation? That fun fact and a lot of other interesting tidbits are found in the video.